Blender tabs interface

3 ratings

Blender tabs interface

Vilém Duha
3 ratings

Tabs interface addon takes whole Blender UI and changes all panels to draw as tabs, with a fixed order. Try it for a few hours, and you'll never come back to default UI.

 - become much faster at interacting with blender panels

 - save a lot of mouse moves

 - avoid visual searching for properties

 - use your muscle memory in the intefrace 

 - save space for your work

 - save time by avoiding scrolling



- fixed order - never ever search for you panel again

- fixed columns - Tabs will be always the same

- panel pinning if you need to see several panels at once

- row or grid layout.

- hide tabs and categories you don't need at all. Save these to your startup file.

- several layout options

- possibility to fold the tab panel(optional) and switch the addon off for specified areas( toolbar, ui, properties)

Possible drawbacks:

 - since some addon developers do a lot of non-standard things with panels, some addon panels might draw differently. If you encounter any bugs, please let me know.

This product is not currently for sale.


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