blender Cobweb (spidernet) generator

Vilém Duha
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This procedural cobweb generator helps you quickly fill your scene with beautiful subtle cobwebs. 

If you are doing any abandoned or fantasy interiors, this addon will save you a lot of time while improving the quality of your renders dramatically. Filling a scene with the customized cobwebs can take only minutes.

The addon:

- is very simple to use - 

- creates a cobweb that can accommodate to your meshes

- you can paint the cobwebs, which is much faster - see last video in header.

- creates a simple but usefull material that is easy to tweak and renders relatively fast

Blender 2.8 Updates:

- simulation had to be removed, because new 2.8 cloth code doesn't support single-edge meshes. You can still add cloth to the object with modifiers, but it will be a lot slower. 

- 'From face selection' was removed, because painting the cobwebs is much faster and intuiitve.

Install as a standard blender addon.

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blender Cobweb (spidernet) generator

19 ratings
I want this!